30th June 2015

Sea Meadow: Directors Statement

25th January 2013



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Sea Meadow - A dance thriller : A genre bender : A fusion film

Sea Meadow seeks to create a new vernacular between the camera and dance. My goal is to place dance and"choreographed gesture" at the nucleus of the film narrative. Each dance sequence is a distillation of the story that bypasses language.

The inherent structures of film - proximity of camera to subject, variable time and alterable place - are conducive for such explorations. In moving dance from the proscenium stage to the camera, this hybrid communication generates a particular relevance.
Can the camera's intimate view of a body tell a story that actually reveals more complexity of character and plot than straight dialogue and blocking?

With Sea Meadow I chose to work with the classic film tropes of the thriller: fear and vulnerability. Successful suspense elicits a visceral reaction from the viewer. It ignites the hair on the back of one's neck. In this way the film becomes a choreography, with the viewer as dancer and active participant. I use anticipation and relief to literally shift the viewer in his seat. I refer to this interplay as the "Front-Back" dance.

I have used this juxtaposition innate to the thriller format as a model for Sea Meadow's structure. The plodding, darkly lit, hand-held interior of the protagonist's world collides sharply with stylized, candy-colored dance tableau. A scary, dramatic score accompanies the plain young woman as she plods through the house in real time.
Pop Mashups propel slow-motion dance sequences with a jump-cutting narrative.
Sea Meadow's story co-mingles past and present:
the pedestrian body and the dancer body in sharp contrast to deepen the suspense and draw a visceral response.

I bend genres in hopes of finding something common and therefore universal.
We all have bodies that can't help but reveal themselves - ourselves.
When fused together, film and dance propel a fresh language.

- Lily Baldwin

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