28th July 2015

Robert Dowling - Director & Photographer

16th August 2013


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A 16mm film shoot in Arizona and Louisiana on the back of a photo shoot.

Robert Dowling's photographic shoot began at Apache Junction in Arizona. Actors from Los Angeles were mixed with local people into everyday situations some created others unplanned.

The idea was a 'road trip'; the 1950's Packard convertible was bought in Phoenix specifically for the shoot and sold in New Orleans three weeks later. Dozens of images were created for a European campaign, without layouts.

The creative team had a script for a cinema film and disappeared to Los Angeles to meet potential directors.

Without jeopardizing the photography in any way Robert Dowling decided to make his own version, in down time, at his own expense. Apart from 16mm camera hire and film stock, editing was the only significant expense; Robert's production company at the time thought the first and only cut by editor Russell Oxendon had sufficient merit to cover post costs.

Robert Dowling presented the film to the agency, with no expectations, as an example of the potential advantages of combining photography and film with a single photographer/director.

No response was received. The agency subsequently shot a $1m commercial with an LA based director.

Robert Dowling is affiliated to Kalectiv: Digital Artists and Film Makers

Award-winning photographer Robert Dowling has been working in moving images since 1976, producing commercials, documentary and self-generated film.