28th July 2015

Lily Baldwin: Secret Room


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Lily Baldwin wanted to treat this music video as a short film with a clear A,B,C narrative, in addition to giving herself the challenge of using minimal gesture to convey feelings, and replace the literality of words.

Lily's approach to storytelling can be quite heretical in its use of "dance", she often
chooses simple more common stories to subvert.

Baldwin directly referenced the lyrics of the song here.

Baldwin investigated two kinds of rooms:
1. the privacy we keep that gives us solace.
2. the secrecy that doubts: deception and perhaps infidelity.

Lily studied quite a lot of David Hockney's images as she feels they speak directly to these co-existing yet separate worlds.

In Secret Room the film, each person has a fantasy:
The woman's was an ode to the free abandon of Thelma & Louise.
The man's was an iconic reference to Pretty Woman - a riff on that predictable convention.

Baldwin chose a car as the context, as it literally confined two people together, and allowed for day-dreaming in these rooms. And ultimately she wanted these "secret room adventures" to bring them back to their relationship inside the car, somehow renewed.

Lily Baldwin Director