3rd July 2015

Ireland’s Brown Bag Travels to Hollywood

22nd August 2010

David Bowman

Irish animation house Brown Bag Films, Oscar nominated for the fiendishly funny short Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty this year, has opened an office in Hollywood to add full-length feature films to its portfolio of shorts and TV series.

Although details of its first feature film have yet to be made public, members of the company have been extolling their fascination with 3D animation and Dolby's new 7.1 surround-sound technology on the blog on Brown Bag's website (www.brownbagfilms.com).

The company has also appointed Gregory Little to operate the new US office, which is expected to open opportunities for Brown Bag to work with more US directors.

The rapidly growing Dublin-based company is already well-known for its short films and children's TV cartoons. Its work includes Olivia, which follows the adventures of the eponymous feisty piglet, and the iconic Noddy.
The company's animation skills on TV have aired on the BBC, France's TF1 and US-originated international kids TV network Nickelodeon.

For probably the biggest commission in its 16-year history, the Walt Disney Company recently commissioned Brown Bag to handle the animation for the new 52-episode Doc McStuffins animation series.

Photography by David Bowman