2nd July 2015

Stephen W Parsons

STEPHEN W PARSONS writer/director/composer

Stephen's career as an award winning composer for film and television is well documented.  His first score was for the cult classic HOWLING II and his most recent for NINE MILES DOWN 2009.

He is profiled extensively in THE LURKER IN THE LOBBY for his Lovecraft based work, featuring production design artwork for his proposed film adaptation of THE DUNWICH HORROR and TV pilot ROUGH MAGIK featuring contemporary investigators of the Cthulhu Cult.

Stephen is currently working with SIMON BISLEY and MIKE LAKE on THE METAL WARS a project combining Poetry, Black Metal Music and Animation. His adult sex comedy COLIN THE CASUAL DUCK is also now in the final stages of post production.

Over the last 3 years, between composer-for-hire projects, he has written and directed 2 micro-budget feature films.  The first of these WISHBABY has  been released in the UK by 4 Digital.

Press quotes from pre release screenings of Wishbaby:

KIM NEWMAN of EMPIRE magazine delivered a one word quote: "Excellent!!!"

"Stephen W Parsons has pioneered a new type of horror film that puts rap, race and rage at the forefront of the genre." XAVIER MENDIK - CINE EXCESS ICA.

'Wishbaby brings street into British horror... a fun roller coaster ride with a great cast... Sex, Voodoo and an awesome soundtrack'- GOREZONE MAGAZINE

'What an achievement! Wishbaby is a powerful cautionary tale and a traditionally spooky, absolutely intimidating and frightening tale told with prime sensitivity towards the truly weird! This film has got to be accorded wider distribution!' - ROBERT M PRICE, Editor of LOVECRAFTIAN FICTION.