5th July 2015

Qantas for M+C Saatchi Australia

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Qantas for M+C Saatchi Australia

THE CONCEPT. Following on the success of the STA 'viral' Barney was commissioned to make another 'viral' film with racing driver Mark Webber - style ambassador for Qantas - to be shot on a stills shoot in the run up to the Australian Grand Prix -  intended to produce max 'content'  value for money.

THE BRIEF. To make  'a viral film' - and T.V. indents - whilst shooting stills for a press &  poster campaign selling Mark Webber as charm ambassador for Qantas & The Australian Grand Prix + to produce portraits of the Saatchi / Qantas teams  -  to be cut into the film.

* The  ''viral campaign'' ran concurrent with the posters press and T.V. awareness campaign and once again people seemed to love  ''this behind the scenes - making of '' stuff.

An example of viral 'value for money' - giving increased 'quality'  content production - at a reduced cost.