4th July 2015

Liam : A 'hybrid portrait'. An Irish artist on the Russians

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Concept: A 'short' hybrid portrait -  coming to life - an Irishman commenting on the world.

                The Canon TS - E 90 F2.8 mm shift lens is really good for portraits.
                Shooting a portrait of Liam - listening to him chatter away I suddenly thought - why not make a portrait that speaks?
                It struck me his dialogue was just as important as how he looked - an extra layer.
                Normally a photographer 'gets' the image  - but often the insightful 'dialogue' that goes on during the shoot disappears into the ether.
                So I decided to make a 'hybrid' portrait - the Canon is a 'hybrid' camera that shoots 'stills' and 'film'.
                Why not use it to create engaging 'hybrid' talking  portraits.

                I put up my 7 D with a 70 - 300 4.5 mm zoom as well - and started to shoot both stills and film together  - this is what I got !