7th July 2015

Barney Edwards

Director, Film Maker, Photographer

Having become one of Britains leading Advertising Photographers in the 80s Barney Edwards moved into directing T.V. commercials - becoming well known for his -  attention to detail - visual flare -  and  'specialising in not specialising'.

Beginning his 'new' career at Park Village Productions - later moving to The Directors Studio - before joining Lewis More Farrell and John Swannell in E.B.S. Productions. Most often involved in highly visual narrative story telling and 'big production' work like the first Rutger Hauer 'Pure Genius' Guinness commercials.

Barney won numerous awards for his directing skills: a Silver Lion at Cannes; a D&AD Silver; a Silver and Bronzes from the British Television Awards; a Silver at the Creative Circle Awards; and numerous mentions.

In the 90s he moved to Africa, where he married and settled for awhile working as a filmmaker, photographer and script writer. Shooting commercials - music videos and documentaries through Garrets - and then Velocity Africa.

Returning to the U.K. in 2009 to join Barry Hughes at Therapy films - and forming a close association with LPA movingPictures.

Since his return he has shot commercials for Douwe Egberts coffee for Dave Trot and Gordon Smith at CST  - and for The Conservative Party for Jeremy Sinclair  at M+C Saatch's.
Developing and specialising in viral film making techniques using the new Canon digital camera systems and Final Cut Pro.

Making virals for STA Travel and Qantas for M+C Saatchis  - Sainsburys for AMV. BBDO - and the 'Pauline Amos - Use Your Body - Use Your Vote' campaign for The Engine Group.

His present work is very focused on this marrying together of the skills of an experienced  director / film maker  / photographer - into new viral film making tec'.