30th July 2015

Robert Dowling

Director, Cinematographer,

Award-winning photographer Robert Dowling has been working in moving images since 1976, producing commercials, documentary and self-generated film.

Starting with album covers and promo work, moving into advertising and film and back and forth, again and again, he spent the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond creating the images you probably still have in your head (Pink Floyd's 1,000 beds on a beach, the cover for 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' comes to mind.

For a photographer, it's not who you know, but who knows you and Robert's known to those who have done some serious advertising over the years: AT&T, Sony, Bacardi, Porsche, Nestle, Guinness, American Express, FedEx, Smirnoff, Heinz, DeBeers, Chivas Regal, Mercedes, Southern Comfort, Singapore Airlines, VW, American Airlines, Royal Mail, Pepsi, Vauxhall, Coca Cola, Fiat, T.Mobile, Lloyds TSB, Citibank, London Pride, Marie Claire and Virgin Media…….

Other accolades include D&ADs, a BISFA award for a documentary, a Sun Life award for excellence in Photography, an AOP Gold Award and a major Kodak award.

Robert opened Frontier Pictures in NY and London in 1997. Frontier shot ads for Union Bank of Switzerland, Samsung, Swiss Rail, Pizza Hut and Revlon and co-produced a feature film. Further TV clients include Volvo, Philip Morris and Goldman Sachs.

In January 2012 Robert co-founded Redwood Entertainment Ltd; a company formed to develop and produce films, programs and games for the 'Trans Media' revolution.