28th July 2015


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In 1940 General Lupescu of the Romanian Iron Guard has a spell from the ancient legend of the ‘Zmeu’ placed upon a golden Luger handgun - a gift to him from Himmler of the SS. 

Year's later in modern day Bucharest, beautiful Gypsy girl Loredana Anescu finds the gun among her dying Grandfather's possessions. Long awaiting its re-emergence is Damian Lupescu, descendant of the General and owner of Archangel International Media. He has dreamed of unleashing the ZMEU* bestowed on the gun through media technology, to restore fascism and bring the return of the Forth Reich.

Knowing nothing of its dark and mystical past Loredana unwittingly shows the Luger to Harley riding Irishman Axel O'Rourke, a Nightclub owner who runs a cigarette smuggling operation from Bucharest to London. Lupescu learns that Loredana has found the Luger and goes after her to reclaim it. Escaping with Axel into the country Lupescu's henchmen catch up with them taking Loredana and the Luger, leaving Axel for dead.

On learning the legend of the Luger, Axel is urged to follow Lupescu to London to destroy it, putting an end to his bigoted plan.   *The "zmeu" figures prominently in many Romanian folk tales as the manifestation of  the destructive forces of greed and selfishness.The zmeu has a plethora of magical, destructive powers at his disposal. He can fly, transform himself into various creatures, and has tremendous supernatural strength the zmeu resides in the "other world" steals the sun and the moon from the sky, thereby enshrouding all humanity in darkness.                 

Evil… never ends     





Main Cast 

Gary Douglas ... Axel o Rourke

Richard Lynch ... Damian Lupescu

Ian Wright ... Duke

Mihaella Sinca ... Loredana

Kristina Cepraga ... Alessandra

Cast Romania

Nicoleta Chiriac ... Madga

Huggy Leaver ... Ciggy

Marian Adochitei ... Rudi

Ion Haiduc ... Proffesor Dragos

Claudiu Trandafir ... Little Nicky

Gabriel Spahiu ... Tibor 

Mihai Smarandache  ...Gregor

Elena...Carmen Trocan

Flaviu Crisan.... Flaviu (undertaker)

Octav Dona ... Undertaker 2

Constantin Florescu... Priest      

Armand  Utma... Young Priest

C.R.B.L. ...Shooter

Billy Barth...Angry Man

Roxana Horvath ...Michelle 

Ion Saizu ... Dying Radu 

Mihai...C-tin Petre

Bogdan... Bogdan Uritescu 

Viorel... C.Mirea

Viorel 2...M.Mihalcea          

Lucian Diaconu ... Photographer 

Cast London  

Danielle Coutts...Lynne

Geoff Troth...Yob 

Gemma Hiles ... Dancer

Iga Wyrwal...Dancer

Larissa Summers ... Drunk Girl

Mitchell Thomas ... Bouncer No1

Conrad Kane ... Bouncer 2


Elaine Thompson 

Gary Douglas 

Patrick Tilley - Shooting Screenplay

Additional Material

Andrew Stear

Parv Bancil 

Frank Rehwaldt 

Producer - Andrew Stear

Producer - Gary Douglas 

Assistant Producer - Elaine Thompson 

Producer Romania

Viorel Sergovici ...  Producer: 

Radu Badica ... line producer 

Publicist - Elaine Thompson

Still Photographers

Romania - Lucian Diaconu

London - George Richardson

London Bike Race - Chris Laurens


Director of Photography  - Viorel Sergovici 

Focus Puller -  Pompiliu Avram

Loader - Ion Iancau

Video Assist Operatior - Marian Paun

 Second unit - 

Director - Will Huston

DOP-  Lulu Hillerin ...

Assistant camera - Madalina Lungu.  


Key Grip - Mihai Parvu

Dolly Grip - Costel Panoiu

Grip - Virgil Marcovici

Grip - Liviu Enache


Costume Supervisor - Tora Dragomir 

Costumier - Andrei Mezei

Costumier - Flori Sava

Art Department

Production Designer -  Radu Corciova 

Assistant Art Director - Madi Mazarean

Prop Department

Prop Master - Ion Tudor

Prop Man - Gheorghe Tudor

Prop Man - Marin Badea


Gaffer - Lucian Diaconu 

Best Boy - Florin Jumatate  

Electrician - Adrian Gache 

Electrician - Ionut  Voicu

Electrician - Marius Jijie

Electrician - Alex Cojocaru

Gen Op - Marian Mihalcea

Make -up & Hair

Key Make-up Artist - Mariana Janos

Hair & Make-up - Dana Costache

Make-up Artist - Nicoleta Chiriac 


Editor - Bogdan Albu 

1st Assistant Editor - Tudor Gramescu

2nd Assistant Editor - Kozonac

3rd Assistant  Editor -  Constantin Tanasie


Sound Romania

Sound Mixer - Ian Richardson 

Boom operator - D. Richardson 

Cable Man - Cristian Coroiu  

Sound London

 John Rodda ... sound 

 Kelly Stewart ... boom operator 

Special Effects

SP/FX/M/U - Constantin Petre

SP/FX/ Assistant - Alexandru Petre


VFX Supervisor.. Andy Frain

VFX...Adi Chifor


1st AD - Lucian Cojocar

Production Co- ordinator - Alina Petrini

2nd AD - Tudor Cojocar

Location Manager - Razvan Radutiu

Script Supervisor - Violeta Rizea

Slate - Madalina Lungu

Casting Agency Constanta - Sabina Cernega

Casting Agency Bucharest - Mihaela Stoian



Miscellaneous Crew

Daniela Diaconu ... accountant 

Alina Petrini ... production coordinator 

Claudiu Trandafir ... acting/dialog coach 


Bogdan Uritescu - Stunt Co-ordinator/Stuntman

Gary Douglas

Ferrari driver...Sebastian Mordillo


Transportation Romania

Costume dep.car...Emilian Ghitescu

Production car...Stefan Marcu

Crew van 1...Mihai Dinu

Crew van 2...Stan Dorobantu

Cast van...Dragos Aleu

Talent trailer...Cosmin Guzan

Production trailer...Adi Guzan

Costumes truck...Mihai Militraru



London Ace Cafe/Bike Race Scene


Craig Jones - GXR Guy

Catherine McQueen ... Flag Girl

Jonathan McGuinness ... Brendan  

Stefan Booth ... Biker

Charles Alan ... Biker

Munther El Akabi...Biker


Director - Gustavo Martinez Schmidt

Written by - Parv Bancil

1st AD - Koen Suidgeest

Line Producer - Kate Dain


Stunt Co-ordinator & Stunt Performer- Craig Jones 

Stuntman - Lee Foxhall

Doughnut Guy - Danny Shell

Additional Crew


Camera - Eric Wilson

Steady-cam - John Ward

Focus Pullers  - Constantin Nica  - Jason Walker

Clapper Loader - Sam Smith - Ollie Downey

Video Assist - Jack Wilkinson

Costume Designer - Marriane Agertoft

Dresser - Cat

Art Directors - Mike Woolfe - Diarmuid Byron O' Connor

Art Dept Driver - Gary Morrison

Make-up - Costin Voicu

Sound MIxer - Horea Corneliu Murgu

Boom - Sebastian Kadas

Electrician - Pete Jones -Sid Smith

Genny Operator - Eamon Fitzgerald

G.O. 2 John Donahoe

Production Designer - Linda Stefansdotir

Unit Production manager/AD -  Luigi Enciu

Production Co- Ordinator/continuity - Anne Grant

Production Runner - Justin Pope

BS Security - Jack - Tom

Cherry Picker - Danny Cooney

Tracking Vehicles Operator - Dave Betts


Additional Crew

1st AD - David Dickson

Electrician - Jonathan Spencer

Make -up- Georgiana Creanga


Film Score  - Marius Baras 

Music Supervisor - Gary Douglas

Music Consultant - Bogdan Albu

 ..........  by Open


 on Extra records


Te vreali dar mi - e frica -  JoJo

from Minti on Extra records


 Danny Boy  Instrumental - Composer: Trad./Arr Bjorn A. Lynne (PRS - CAE#: 272363273)

Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS – CAE #: 541626758)


I know - Written and performed by the G man A.K.A Gary Douglas

produced by Mihai Breazu


I have tried - written and performed by Ana Maria Popa with Perpetuum

from Perpetuum   on Extra records


Transilvanya + Sora Mea produced by Mihai Breazu


To the Bone + Through the Storm

Tracks written and performed by Taxi

Alex Gordon, Stewart Barnes, Paul Tisell and Jamie Cullum.

© Taxi



By Neoterick & Reain of Lynx-Eyed

Album: Keen Sight

Produced by Stand Alone Productions 

I Like Your Face:

By Precise

Album: On Point Vol. 1

Produced by Nutty P


Stranger in Berlin Written and performed by Dog Section


Filmed Entirely on Location London, Bucharest - Constanta Romania

Special thanks in Romania 

To the Mayor and people of Constanta, the Management and staff of Hotel Class + Hotel Gugi. The Rex hotel Mamaia. 

The Archbishop Of  St.Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church. The Natural History & Archeology Museum.

Boom T.V Bucharest

Extra thanks to The Monaco Boys - Nick Barry - George Tucci - Sebs Mordillo.

Special Thanks in London 

Mark Wilsmore, Staff and Bikers at the ACE CAFE

James Nicolian and Staff at LOWLIFE BAR

Alberto Barbieri and Staff  at PICASSO'S Kings Road

Tomak  at SONETTI

John Warr and Staff at WARR'S H.D.


Extra thanks to:

Ian Jones - Danny Shell - David Upward- Dougie Bradford - Vince Tucker and Friends- Steve Hughes - Rick Zsigmond and friends -  Justine Hiluk / Tara Wiggins and friends - all the PICASSO bikers past and present.


Thanks to Northern Ireland Office for Archive footage


(a massive thanks to everyone who helped that is not mentioned above........if we have left anyone out please email us to add to credits)