7th July 2015

Gary Douglas

Film Maker

Gary Douglas - Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Financier and Lead Actor of Gun Of The Black Sun

A film fanatic who grew up in Northern Ireland in the 1960s, Douglas was influenced by old black-and-white movies on TV, films watched at his great grandfather's cinema theatre in Coleraine, Ireland, and a grandmother who played the piano to accompany the silent movies.

The son of an Irish father and Australian mother, Douglas' own adventurous background includes several acting roles in Australian TV, movies, and commercials in the 1980s. His successful modelling career includes being a former Playgirl pin-up.

But it was his obsession with the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles and commitment to the biker community that enabled him to fulfil his filmmaking dreams.

Through the bikers, he met Ian Wright and entrepreneur Andrew Stear, Gun Of The Black Sun's co-producer/executive producer. He also came across the then unknown Jamie Cullum, now the UK's most famous jazz vocalist and keyboard player, who is seen playing with his old band Taxi in the film.