4th March 2015

Kalectiv is

A collaboration of filmmakers and digital artists producing Content solutions for advertisers and agencies.

As mass media consumption continues to fragment and social media grows in influence, Content is becoming a key driver of brand engagement and word-of-mouth.

We develop rich, original content solutions to fuel brand relationships with consumers, and the media strategy for reaching them across online, mobile and broadcast platforms.

With our extensive group of creative talent we have the flexibility to select the best professionals for the brief:  a unique collaboration of filmmakers, photographers, storytellers and digital artists, coming together to tell a brand's story distinctively across multiple media platforms.

Altogether more interesting

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  1. Pascal Aussignac shoots with Jean Cazals

    "We have the same vision. When we work, it's like we are brothers!" When photographer Jean Cazals took top chef Pascal Aussignac on a two week road trip through France, it hardly felt like work. More...
  2. Tour de France

    With the imminent Grand De’part of the 101st Tour de France in Yorkshire on 5thJuly, Kalectiv launch a classic branded cycling content film to mark the occasion for the 150 year old Yorkshire Brewery Timothy Taylor' through their London Ad Agency 21:12 Communications. More...
  3. 21:12 Communications

    London-based Kalectiv's approach to film production illustrates how inventive next-generation original video-content creators have started doing business with brands. More...
  4. Robert Dowling

    Robert Dowling's film for Timothy Taylor 'Tucker’s Triumph' pays homage to the famous Beloki crash in the 2003 Tour de France. More...
  5. Chris Akrigg As Roy Tucker

    With the forthcoming Tour de France going through Yorkshire on 5 July, Britain should brace itself for Tucker's Triumph, one of the most exciting branded-content commercials on YouTube this year. More...
  6. 'Tuckers Triumph' a short film

    Apr 28, 2014
    We are shooting a film on Saturday 10th May and need 50 to 60 riders to help us, spectators are also welcome. More...